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Copy of Situation of Yemeni Heart Children

Page history last edited by Dr.Ahmed Abdulaziz Nouman 7 years, 10 months ago

Situation of Yemeni children suffers from congenital Heart diseases in the last three years


During the three years increased the cumulative number of cases sick children heart reaching what has been documented practically the hospital revolution year Sana'a more than one thousand and five hundred cases (this only for cases that have managed to get to a hospital Revolution General Sana'a does not enter into any other cases in most of Yemen's provinces and / or outside the cities.)

Not to mention the number of previous cases from the years before that particular poor children who did not get a chance treatment inside or outside Yemen in the first place children who suffer from conditions complex Complicated cases of congenital heart diseases of the heart defects.

What happened through the past tow months  

For visiting teams during the past two months, we find that visiting Saudi team has performed nearly 70 operations and all of the minor cases, which often carried out by the local team in Yemen.

The number of the visiting team more than thirty people. And continued in Yemen for about twenty days.

The surgical operations in more than hospital:

- Cardiac Surgery Center - Revolution General Hospital Sana'a

- Cardiac Surgery Center at the military hospital Sana'a

- Kuwait University Hospital a catheter for sick children. And is often provides diagnostic service only and there is no possibility of surgery.

The more complex cases, which mostly came to the capital from the provinces of Yemen, stayed for more than a week incurred the burden of living in the capital, where he became a living for their residents harder than before.

 Yet all returned to no avail.

 These cases have already been conducted medical tests more than once during the past period of time in Al-Thawra General Hospital, Sana'a.

Yemeni and Saudi hospital Sana'a for more than three - five years earlier.

  And also tried to get after it has been invited by the Yemen International Hospital in Taiz province, and is a private hospital very costly but is one of the most expensive hospitals in Yemen. But to no avail. And why are difficult to access. And the patient must charge medical examinations again.

Where you will find the cost of the health service which is very expensive. And ordinary people cannot benefit from its services for several reasons, the most important tourist and cost prohibitive. In normal conditions.

Even in the case of the arrival of a visiting team and this is rare to have.

Despite what can be provided by any charitable organization from outside Yemen to help the children of the heart to bring a medical team. Whatever bore the cost of sending the team as well as his residence and provide all the requirements of the job for which entrant / and although they are on the same method of skill, experience and the possibilities offered by the visiting teams themselves coming to the capital.

I have Touched more than once by the Yemeni doctors that they have a strong desire to education , take from their experiences and advantage of any visiting team.


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