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 نعمان لـ'لسياسية':3 آلاف طفل يمني يتوفون سنويا بأمراض القلب الخلقية..

قال ممثل المؤسسة العالمية لقلب الأطفال في اليمن الدكتور أحمد نعمان إن ثلاثة آلاف طفل يمني يتوفون سنويا بسبب أمراض القلب الخلقية، وخمسة آلاف آخرون يتوفون بسبب "أمراض قلب مكتسبة"

please translate it or read this 

Yemeni Children's Heart 

Nouman for 'Alsyasiah': 3 thousands of Yemeni children die annually due to heart disease congenital .. Wednesday, December 15, 2010
Sana Alsyasiah) - Interviewed by: Sadeq fast

The representative of the International children's heart Foundation in Yemen, Dr. Ahmed Nouman said that three of thousands of Yemeni children die annually due to congenital heart disease, and five thousand others die because of the "acquired heart disease."

As explained in an interview with Nouman "Alsyasiah" that heart disease specialists in Yemen, children as young as four people, a reference to what he called "mafia" is working on the strain ahead of the wishes to specialize in this area.

Nouman, speaking on issues and problems related to heart disease, and the dialogue reads as follows:

* First of all, how do you evaluate the development of heart disease status of children in Yemen?
- I see that the development of heart disease of children in Yemen is going from bad to worse by all accounts, there are about three thousand children born of the total birth rate year die each year in Yemen because of congenital heart disease, as well as five thousand children die from heart disease, and although there are great efforts made, however there are still shortcomings by all concerned parties that do not give any attention to child health, which is the basis of the sustainability of life. It is true that there are good heart doctors in Yemen, but heart specialists there are only four children in a country with a population of about 25 million people, knowing that the four specialists and found their own efforts, not driven by the Ministry of Health or a hospital.

* Where do you think is inadequate? Who bears the responsibility?
- So that we can overcome this problem should not finish when dealing with children's heart diseases, and diagnosis of disease and treatment is given. But we must examine the causes of heart disease of children in a scientific manner and thoughtful so that we can contain the problem completely. This is one of the functions of medical services in the ministries of health, defense, civil society organizations and specialized and interested in science and health research and medical studies, universities and medical colleges.

* Do you think is responsible for lack of children's heart specialists in Yemen?
- Why the system is corrupt. Frankly speaking, there is no mafia within the ministries of health, higher education and facilities that have a relationship in the specialty of pediatric cardiologists, there are people working on the strain the wishes of any doctor wants to specialize in the heart of children.

* Activist, what inspired you to work in the treatment of children's heart? And how was the beginning of communication with the global institution?
- Every person has a shred of charity. I need to work and practical activities above my window, even outside the framework of medical specialty. There is no stop me in aid treatment for cases of sick or children with heart disease. I've met the World Foundation for children's heart in 2009, where she was beginning to communicate with them through Rabottha, with Managing Director Sandy Foundation, which brought the letter to the Founder and Medical Director and Chairman of the World Foundation for children's heart in America, Professor William Michael (founded in 1993), and then I was surprised by the positive response to my letter within a week of Dr. William Despite concern.

* But what the heart of your relationship with children, you're a doctor who specializes in bones?
- Yes, doctor, bones, heart of my relationship with children is that the bone disease and heart are interrelated, and that the source of bone synthesis of blood cells, and this has a deep attachment to the body.

* Why do not you be interested in bone disease?
- Because I found the children with heart disease of more victims who are suffering in this country, and pushed me the most is to see children die in front of me in the hospitals and outside; and I found an outlet significant area of work in the heart of children and to respond by some supporters. During my time in a hospital I saw from a distance of fifty meters high fibrillation the heart of a child, which were infected with the disease in the heart, and Dr. Rosa you were treating her, the more I wanted to work in the field of children's heart.

* Does your spouse contributed to specialization in cardiology, Dr. Rosa in this work?
- Yes. The complementary and supportive to me actually, not because they are a cardiologist, but they had contributed, in my health and charity, a cause of impulsive towards addressing the heart of children.

* Before your medical in the area of children, what were your activities charity?
- I was and still working in the field of aid treatment for cases of pathological obstructed, which are identified either through personal research or through the information I receive for medical conditions by other persons directly or indirectly, and therefore, I examine the files of these conditions due that have been Find them whether they suffer from various diseases or cases of children infected with heart disease, at this stage with Dr. Rosa were used to confirm the diagnosis of diseases such cases, and thus looking for the source take care treatment.

* How many conditions that you submit a remedial aid within the framework of your charity?
- Through my contribution to charity, the number of medical cases that have been treated within the framework of Mannar institution of science and health to more than 400 cases. Was also provided treatment to more than 400 children were diagnosed with heart disease.

* How many children with heart disease of children in Yemen?
- According to statistics, science, the number of children who die from congenital heart disease to almost 3000 children, died in 5000 nearly a thousand children die of heart disease gained.

Q: But where to find the activity of the World Foundation for children's heart?
- There is an obstacle to activity of the heart of the World Foundation for children in Yemen.

Q: What is to be submitted by this institution for the children of Yemen?
- Will provide surgical treatment for children with heart disease, and will save a large number of infected children. It will also work on the rehabilitation of Yemen and the medical staff to provide medical supplies are urgently needed, which Istrozk of people who are standing obstacle in the implementation of activities in the country. To that which we aspire to fulfill my dream of personal and scientific institution Mannar through the establishment of healthy bank information and scientific, as well it will work to establish a means for visual prompt to provide the service of scientific and medical.

Q: When will start the World Foundation for children's heart operations in Yemen?
- When you find points of genuine, secure and able to provide cooperation. Can be directly active in Yemen in a few months. I invite all those who love to participate in charitable work management to cooperate with us.

* Are you worried about this meeting?
- Indeed, especially during the past two years, and I'm very worried I communicate with others through the Internet and social networking sites online, such as: "Facebook", the site of Mannar scientific institution-mail, and e-mail.

* How would you rate the level of awareness regarding heart disease children?
- Unfortunately, does not reach the level of five percent. And responsible here and Ministry of Health and claiming that it is providing health services in general. Media and the backbone of the delivery of our health.

* What are the obstacles that confront you while performing your medical?
- Instability of the most prominent obstacles, but we continue our charity.



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