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Page history last edited by Dr.Ahmed Abdulaziz Nouman 10 years, 6 months ago

Do you realize what is the meaning of separation? Absolutely, but you do not want to understand What can be achieved by future sprouts How many children in the village, neighborhood, alley, street, They are not homeless, but they write each of your crimes and your mistakes They are the makers of history. Along the dustbin of history ... Yes, you will not repeat them in order to understand it To witness the history that you are unable to do Any action which commemorates Yemen does not abide mistakes .... What do you consider that they have gone and stayed with me. But we are not alone Our children and the future of Yemen is not begging at all. They are demanding their right to life no more. Do not think that this is too much to them. You will leave and leave them. Yemen is one of the will Forever Forever Forever Forever Yemen, pack no longer have to tear I cry.

looking for a lake full of crocodiles, as their tears are the most effective for you.


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